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Tingle Toes - One Size Fits All Toe Spreaders

Tingle Toes - One Size Fits All Toe Spreaders

Wearing toe spreaders (even for just 10mins a day) provides so many benefits - it'll become your new favourite daily ritual!

  • Yoga flower that symbolises relaxationPerfect relaxation partner
  • Icon showing relieved, mobile feet with stars around them.Instant relief for tired feet
  • Icon showing two naturally structured feet.Restore natural structure
  • Icon showing person stretching using toe spreadersImproves balance and mobility
  • A cross icon to signify the health benefits of using toe separatorsHelps common foot issues
  • An image of AustraliaFree delivery

"It's like a spa day for your feet"
- Jennifer, VIC

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What people think about Tingle Toes

Imagine if you had to spend everyday in a hot shoe...

  • An illustration of feet in cramped shoes without wearing toe spacers

    You'd probably want to stretch out as often as you could too!

    The human feet are a work of biomechanical art - but regularly cramming them into modern shoes - cushioned, narrow and rigid - compromises their ability to help us walk, run, dance, jump, and move as best they could. Toe spacers gently stretch and sooth tired muscles in your feet, restoring natural shape and giving your toes the freedom to wiggle and breathe, helping prevent blisters, overlapping toes, bunions, cramps, and a range of other common foot issues.

"They make me feel grounded..."

  • Foot wearing toe spacers with arrows pointing out at multiple benefits of wearing them

    Toe spacers relieve the tension we carry in our feet and promote better blood circulation - giving you happier, more relaxed feet! Spread out, healthy toes also help improve your posture and balance - making them the perfect partner for yoga, pilates, weightlifting, surfing, running and life!

Wear for as little as 10mins per day ⏰

Putting on toe separators at the end of a big day on your feet is super relaxing and a perfect partner to your chill activities. Here's a few of our favourites!

  • Person wearing toe spacers with feet on coffee table while watching TV.

    On the couch

    Improve your foot health with your feet up reading, gaming, or watching your favourite TV show.

  • Wearing toe separators in a bubble bath.

    In the bath

    Unwind, light a candle, put on your favourite podcast and let the stress of the day melt away!

  • Someone wearing toe spreaders on a rock at the beach in front of the ocean and sky.

    Reclining in nature

    Take in the view of the water, the trees, and the sky as you restore the natural structure of your feet!

  • A person wearing toe spacers while chopping vegetables in kitchen

    In the kitchen

    Spread those toes like butter on bread while you're making something delicious and nutritious.

  • A person wearing toe separators with beige boston birkenstocks.

    On short errands

    You can even spread 'em on a servo run, in the grocery store, or while standing in line at the post office!

  • Exercise

    Spread toes improve balance and mobility during yoga, weights or palates and are great for unwinding after a workout.

Common questions

Sounds a bit weird.

Putting toe spreaders on may seem strange at first, but our feet absolutely love it!

You will too - as it is instantly relaxing and can be done while you're doing your favourite relaxation rituals. Check out our reviews to see what people already spreading 'em think about it 👇

I haven't used toe spreaders before, why start now?

If you're like most of us, you wear shoes all the time and your toes don't get a well needed stretch as often as they'd like!

Toe spreaders like Tingle Toes give your feet instant relief and help to improve overall foot health, blood circulation, balance, posture, and and help prevention of and recovery from issues like bunions, hammertoes and blisters.

But the best part? The relaxing tingle between your toes ✨ You'll want to do it as often as you can!

How are Tingle Toes different to other toe spreaders?

Toe spreaders have varying durability, quality, and style. Some are too squishy and aren’t firm enough to meaningfully realign your feet. Others are too hard and not comfortable enough for you to enjoy while you relax.

Tingle Toes were created to strike the perfect balance between durability, performance, and comfort making them perfect for relaxing, working out, cooking, yoga, gardening, whatever your relaxation ritual!

Last and definitely not least - they are orange and glittery ✨🧡

Care and inclusions

Every pair of Tingle Toes comes with a hygienic carry bag made from 100% recycled materials and a discount for your family and friends who get jealous of your natural, healthy feet!

While wearing Tingle Toes:

  • Spread 'em for around 10-15mins per day at first, and then increase time and movement as you feel more comfortable
  • Tingle Toes are realigning the bones and muscles in your feet, (kind of like braces), so be sure to listen to your body and take them off if they become uncomfortable, and consult a professional if any pain persists
  • Tingle Toes are made from strong materials (53% recycled material) that stretch for comfort over long periods of time. If you use them every day, they'll likely last around one year. It's all 100% recyclable so please do so responsibly when the time is right!

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us here.