If you had to spend all day in a hot shoe

  • You'd probably want to stretch out as often as you could too!

    Tingle Toes gently spreads your toes, stretching and soothing tired muscles and giving your toes the freedom to wiggle and breathe, helping preventing conditions like bunions, corns, hammer toes, and blisters.


Why feet 🧡 Tingle Toes

Tingle Toes gently stretch and sooth tired muscles in your feet, helping realign natural bone structure, relieve tension and promote better blood circulation -giving you happier, more relaxed feet! Spread out, healthy toes also help improve your posture and balance - making Tingle Toes the perfect partner for yoga, pilates, weightlifting, surfing, running and life!

Common questions

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This sounds weird.

Putting orange, glittery spreaders between your toes may seem strange at first, but our feet absolutely love it!

The best part though, is the relaxing feeling you get. Check out our reviews below to see what people already spreading 'em think about it 👇

We're so confident you'll love spreading 'em, if you try Tingle Toes and don't like them for whatever reason within 30 days of receiving them, we'll provide you with a full refund 🧡

I haven't spread 'em before, why should I start spreading 'em now?

Your feet have many small intrinsic muscles around your toes that get cramped by frequent use of tight shoes.

Toe spreaders like Tingle Toes give your toes, and all of these little muscles, a well needed stretch that gives your feet instant relief.

Read more about the benefits of toe spreaders here.

How are Tingle Toes different to other toe spreaders?

While there are many types of toe spreaders out there, they are all of varying durability, quality, and style. Some are too squishy and aren’t firm enough to meaningfully realign your feet. Others are too hard, and aren’t comfortable enough for you to enjoy while you relax.

Tingle Toes were created to strike the perfect balance between durability, performance, and comfort.

They are made out of durable materials (over half recycled materials) and designed to make positive changes to the health of your feet, feeling great to wear while you relax, workout, stretch - whatever!

Last and definitely not least - they are orange and glittery ✨🧡

Care and use

Every pair of Tingle Toes comes with a hygienic carry bag made from 100% recycled materials (and a discount if you have any friends or family you think should start spreading 'em!

While wearing Tingle Toes:

  • Spread 'em for around 10-15mins per day at first, and then increase time and movement as you feel more comfortable
  • Tingle Toes are realigning the bones and muscles in your feet, (kind of like braces), so be sure to listen to your body and take them off if they become uncomfortable
  • Tingle Toes are made from strong materials (over half is recycled) that stretch for comfort over long periods of time. If you use them every day, they'll likely last around one year. It's all 100% recyclable so please do so responsibly when the time is right!